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I'm Drew.

I help creative couples transform the best day ever into the RADDEST PARTY they've ever been to.

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I'm an award-winning San Diego Wedding DJ with five years full-time experience and a lifelong dedication to curating an exceptional music taste (+ mustache).

Clients and industry colleagues rave about the level of attention, personalization, and authenticity I bring to each experience. I f$%!ing love what I do and it shows.

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✖︎ My Promise

I AM here to help up to 30 select couples each year party their friggin' socks off.

I AM going to read the crowd and create the perfect soundtrack to match the vibe.

I AM going to pave the way for drunken singalongs, break dance battles and [un] forgettable moves.

I AM going to mix LIVE with vinyl records. (A rare skill these days!)

I AM gratefully trusted by dozens of creatives, clients & unique wedding venues in LA & San Diego.

I AM going to incorporate your deepest & unusual music tastes in a way that works and people LOVE.

I AM going to make your friends jealous.

I AM going to enable PRICELESS moments.

I AM NOT going to ever be a vanilla, blasé, apathetic, jaded, or mediocre wedding DJ.

I AM NOT using pre-made playlists/mixes or a "push-play-n-chill" approach

I AM NOT only going to play what I want to hear—it's a collaborative effort with the goal to have fun!

I AM NOT gonna tell jokes, play games, teach dances, be a hypeman or otherwise abuse microphone priveleges.

I AM NOT into resorting to cringeworthy, played out "wedding staples" to try and "please everyone". No worn out disco hits, pop country, participation dances, slow dances, or ultra-shiny pop (looking at you, Black Eyed Peas)


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Kind Words

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"I don't give compliments lightly, and I can honestly say with all of my heart that out of all of my vendors, Drew was by far my favorite."

— H + G

Best. F#¢^ing. Wedding DJ. EVER!!”

— Taylor + Chris

Drew’s a Musical Warlock, songs bend to his whim.”

— Stephanie + Jason

This was the best investment we made for our wedding. I Wish we could do it all over again! Thank you x 1 million!

— C + N

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Let's meet over tacos+beer or by phone / video chat FIRST!

Most of my clients JUST GET IT, and they love what I'm about! Some may have heard of me through friends + trusted vendors. If you're here on your own, way to go! You did the right kind of DJ research to find me.

I'm in San Diego and travel to L.A. almost weekly. Most of my meetings + calls take place from Happy Hour to 10pm and last 30-90 minutes.

I follow the Golden Rule; respect, trust, and personal connection matter to me. I want to hear your love story, diving deeper into your music tastes, your guests coming, and the overall experience you envision.

Since each event is unique, I have multiple packages + a la carte services to show you, then you can decide for yourselves if you want to party with me.

I book on a first-come, first-served basis. Weddings are booked 8-12 months in advance, sometimes further, but if you're tying the knot in less than 6 months you may be in luck. I help orchestrate ~30 weddings per year and may have completely open weekend dates.

Non-Wedding Events I also perform at: boutique wedding expos, restaurants/bars, private parties, music/food festivals, nightlife events. Please fill out the form! :)


12pm-6pm // Monday–Thursday

Events // Friday – Sunday

Meetings by appointment only



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